Stars are always up there,

but sometimes we forget to see them.


Stars are always up there in the sky, we know they are up there in space. On some level we know that if we look up, we can see them. Yet somehow we forget to do that. We don’t take the time to appreciate them.

The same goes for life as well. We don’t see the beauty of things around us. We dont take the time to acknowledge and be grateful for what we do have. We’re always chasing after the things we want, the things we wish we could have.
Let’s take a moment, to look up at the stars and really see them. So see the stars both in your life and in the sky, appreciate them, be grateful for them. You would be surprised at what effect that has!
In this song, the singer wonders about the stars and who they’re shining for, whether it’s for him. He almost doesn’t believe it, but in fact the stars are shining, they are there with him whether he notices them or not. The stars are just a glance away, all we need to do is see them.

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