Every star adds to the beauty of the night sky.


The sky is vast, open and dark, it is beautiful. There are stars up there too. Quite a lot of them in fact. They do not take away the beauty of the sky, they are not ‘in the way’ so to speak.
They add to the beauty of the sky. They enhance it. They add their own sparkle, they glimmer in the sky and make it more beautiful.

The same way, in the skies of our lives, our scars, our imperfections, the things we have been through add to our inner beauty. They make us who we are.
The ups and downs of life make it spectacular. The ups and downs of humans make each of us unique. They make us who we are. They make our experiences valid, they make each one of us are important.
What are the stars in your sky? How/what do they add to your life?

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