I thought you were mad,

I thought you should come back,

I thought I should care more,

I thought I should invest more,

I thought best not to speak

and give you what you seek…

When did my life become

devoid of my presence?

Why did I not realise that

I Matter

-Priya Baid

We often wonder, what is our role, where we stand in relationships, in this rat race and competition.. We are in this constant search of who we are and what we are! We keep picking up new experiences, keep forming new bonds, moving to new places and avenues in search of ourselves.
Safarnama, the travelogue, the song talks about all of these ideas. I also used to think and overthink on those lines. Till I realised, neither does all of this insane worry help anyone nor does it help me find myself. What matters is taking a deep breath and realising the fact that we are already here. All the experiences we seek are within. Jisse doondha zamaane mein, mujh hi mein tha-all that I sought and searched for in the world was here, within me. I am here, present, alive in this moment. And that’s what matters, I matter!
– Priya Baid

This weeks ramble features a very special person @ehsaasonkealfaaz. She’s been a friend, a mentor and a go to for any crisis. Thank you so much for giving us this beautiful piece and sharing your thoughts with us.
During the ongoing mental health week KAT is trying its best to spread some positivity and start conversations around mental health.
Do let us know if this piece resonates with you in the comments below. What are your thoughts about finding yourself?

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