Happy International Tea Day

An ode to the celebriTEA in our lives

As we celebrate tea, we wanted to share its importance to us. Before we were people working from two different parts of the country, we would at the end of a tiring day meet up at one of our places. With big mugs of tea, a packet of biscuits, cake or maybe even maggi we would reconnect. We would let go of the stressors of the day and talk about anything and everything, with that piping hot tea in our hands. As we sipped on tea, we spilled the tea as well. So many ideas were shared and memories were created around those mugs of tea. These are some moments we still hold dear to us.
This International Tea Day we invite you to share your stories of tea, with your besTEA! Tag them below and let us know all about your experience with it.
The friends you tag need to treat you to a cup of tea 🙈

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