I Crossed My Fingers As…

"I crossed my fingers as I let my quill
 dancing freely on the paper 
to the music of my thoughts.
For the first time,
it's hard for me to extract millions of 
thoughts in my mind. 
Every piece of thoughts has its own music and 
I have no idea what colour of the choreography 
that my quill is creating. 
It started with 

my thoughts, 
which are black like the night sky, 
because of your grey lies that pretend to be white. 
Memories which are red, are now a fading pink, 
smiles which were bright yellow, have now turned pastel pale. 
Yes, I am talking about those days 
when our minds were peaceful and green but, 
what was green has now turned a dirty shade of brown. 
Now we are drowning in blue, scared of the burning truth, 
now all there is left to do, 
is hope for a shade of love crossing my fingers.

Here is one such tale that was knit together by @auvien and @my_owndialect which beautifully utilises colours to describe ones thoughts and emotions. An absolute stunner.
We’re grateful for all of your support and your tales!
The way our community has grown in these few weeks is truly amazing. To see writer’s take time out and contribute to our prompts makes us want to keep giving you more and more prompts! And boy do we have more! Stay tuned….

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