I could no longer recognise the…

I could no longer reognize the voice that meant so much to me once. The time we parted ways 
I thought the voice will remain etched in my memory forever, 
however when I heard it again today after years..
it sounded...
strange, unknown, 
unfamiliar to me. 
What should I make of it?
-Priya Baid

I thought it would sound like comfort..
like home to me, 
rather it sounded like change..
and growth. 
The voice started collecting all of its memories together 
to describe the experiences over the years to me and 
while I sat there listening half-attentively to it, 
flashbacks of the past made its way into my mind. 
I don't think that made me sad anymore, 
but I was kind of proud. 
-Madlin D'silva

I was kind of proud to finally realise 
that the change and growth fell as a curtain on us. 
What I remembered of us and what I thought we would be. 
The voice cut through the cold air of realisation and 
brought me back to the present. 
Unfamiliarity was glaring at me,
but it didn't seem strange.
-Rachel Johnson

This tale knit by ehsaasonkealfaaz , succumbingtolife and rae.jon is amazing! It talks about revisiting something from the past and what that’s like. How time changes things. How growth and change affect us all. How something that was so familiar at one point can seem very different later on. Time changes things, it changes people, it changes the plans we had. And that need not be a bad thing!

I could no longer recognise the sound 
of the birds calling in the morning, 
it's almost like they don't anymore. 
I was constantly losing my hearing 
as the world around me was losing it's mind.
It had been six years since 2020 and nothing has gotten better.

The days were as grey as they had been in the rainy days 
yet the heat felt so unbearable. 
For a moment I felt I lost my senses,
yet today the birds sand songs to my ears 
and suddenly I felt brightened up. 
The day had come, 
I felt it. 
The day I would walk out of this lonely cave.

This beautiful tale knit by writing._oof and her_words.and.photos shows how events of this past year have affected us, and may continue to do so for a while.

From that place we see a gradual transformation. One that gives us hope. Hope for one day in the future when we can all hear the birds sing a song. The song can in turn energize us, it can motivate us, and we might just get the courage to walk away from loneliness.

I could no longer recognise 
the self I was becoming. 
Everything seemed so right 
yet day after day 
I became a different person. 
The days I spent high
and the night higher, 
suddenly became a blur of the euphoria. 
Yet more and more is what I sought. 
Maybe this was me anyway, 
was I changing or was I becoming who I was meant to be? 
Deep down I felt relieved but reality smacked me hard.

The reality is that 
I have been nothing more than skin and bones, 
a machine marching the runway. 
Mindless and monotonous. 
I have paved my way along with others.
But, I change at dusk. 
My mind sets off to another dimension, 
with rainbows and stardusts, 
I have never seen before. 
Like the glasses emptied on my table, 
I drown in the ecstasy of being me.

This amazing tale was knit by her_words.and.photos and zero_infinity_zero.
It talks about the journey of the self. At times we may not recognise who we are or who we have become. It can be confusing to wonder why this happens.

The tale further goes on to talk about how you can even lose yourself along the way. How monotony can become the way of life. Beyond that as time shifts, as dusk sets in we change yet again. We leap to the possibilities of the unknown, whether it is in rainbows or stardust, it’s exhilarating.

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