House By The Sea- Moddi Musical Prompt

Sitting in the lush green grass alongside a river, 
my eyes shut but senses alive and alert.
The vicious water that slaps against rocks and its own banks is calming.
The birds chirp their melodic song and 
the wind whistles to a their rhythm.
I am alone but not lonely.
-CD Faucon

The sweet enchanting melodies lull me to sleep. 
I dream of being one with the fear less waves, treacherous and bold.
My heart, an enigma of secrets untold.
I cascade through the waterfalls of lust and longing, 
ripples of a delicate hymn.
-Zero Infinity Zero

And tilting my eyes I see what my mind cannot see.
The notes resonate in my heart giving it strength and endurance.
The waterfall now becomes my companion and the notes become the rhythm of my life.
And even if earlier I felt alone, I now have a purpose.
Alone but not alone.

This prompt was unique, it was a musical prompt. It was designed to help the writers get creative, to see how they would interpret the prompt themselves. How each one’s interpretation of the tune and the notes can influence the final tale. It was a dream to read these tales!

cdfaucon, zero_infinity_zero and bubbl.quotes have knit an amazing tale, it has some beautiful imagery.
As a reader we can almost picture the journey they describe. The connection that is described to nature, how the character connects to their own self through nature and realises their true purpose.
Alone but not alone. A beautiful concept!

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