Horror Shots II


He preferred his dolls lying still; they were made of human skin. And when he was done playing, he would put them back to sleep.

-Nora Raven


Their daughter went missing; from underneath their backyard. 

-Sophi n Ivy


Waking up I looked at the mirror
A similar face smirking back at me
Was it my imagination or was I trapped in there for eternity. As I tried to scream and shout, darkness approached and disclosed in all it’s evil identity.

-Mystic Love Poetry


And the on December 31st 2020 the earth stopped moving.



I blink. She blinks back. She winks. I wink back. She calls to me and I go. I’m so tired of reflecting.

-Maria Dalal

Judgment day

My sins were all accounted for, and as expected, I was sentenced to a lifetime of damnation: One where I had no control over my fate, one where I would know nothing but pain, and one where I would be unaware of how or why I was suffering so. The gavel struck, darkness fell, and out a tunnel into blinding light I came. I felt pain for the first time; and helpless, I cried. Then I heard a voice echoing, as a pair of hands gripped me tight,” Congratulations, folks! It’s a boy!”…. Wait! … What’s a boy?! Where am I?! Who/what are these beings?! Who … Who am I?! …


Come here sister

Sitting beside her, holding her hands
Scrolling through the phone’s Gallery, found a photo of her eating ice cream. “Remember how much fun we had”, she briefly enhanced. “Things could’ve been better if you haven’t died”, I replied. I feel her presence and go for her shopping, Mom says I’ve gone mad! So please sister, come alive. I’m tired of these short instances. Show her that you’re still with us, all day, every single night. 


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