Hoping For Better Days

Raj  (@explosion_writes) and Zara (@hallowed_thoughts)

Stratford, London

14 March

Year- 1602

To any distaff who is’t finds this,

Holla, I am Lucy. This is a letter f’r any distaff who is’t finds this in future.  I shall writeth and dump’t in the earth safely and leave it to destiny for anyone to discover.

I desire thee wonneth’t have trouble reading this is if the language evolves between ages. 

Besides, I knoweth not if ‘t be true humanity survives yond longeth. Women art not being treat’ right.  I wisheth this patriarchal society decline within few decades.  If ‘t be true thou art reading this, is’t still the same? I desire so not.

And if ‘t be true someone is reading this, i wond’r how this forest did survive so long. ! can imagine thee may be’ loving nature.  Or were thee trying to findeth a treasure yond thee digg’d in just to find this letter of mine?

Eke, people these days art more interest’d in cutting trees rath’r than planting those folk.  The green’ry is fading , leading us to a dark future.  I feel pity on thee.  If ‘t be true these mistakes of ours continueth till generations, yond shall beest a huge ado.  For ev’ry mistake’ we are making present day, not planting green’ry, not treating distaff right, if be continu’d shall be counteth to a dark future.

Hence, I apologise.

Out of all the odds, i very much liketh children.  I myself, has’t two.  I wouldst very much love to bid thee their interests.  Those gents like to write poems and play with each other.  I bethink the youth is going to knit a quite quaint future togeth’r.  Ah, I wouldst very much be delight’d to know what the youth in thy present like to do’?.  Doth those gents respect female? like to write ? like to play?

I wish I could read thy reply but how can thee possibly send ‘t to the past?

Is the youth in thy present passionate to make a beautiful future?

Doth thee still has’t to ask thy husband for wage? Doth men art still dominative towards female?

If it be true not, I’ll be delighted to know this poison hast’ did get an antidote. 

I knoweth thee cannot send the reply to this in past , but may i ask thee for a favour? Can thee writ a reply to this and keep the lett’rs togeth’r? It would’st satisfy mine own soul.

I thank you.

May thee liveth long!


Lucy Sapphire Antoinette

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