Happy Women’s Day

First of all, we’d like to wish you a very Happy Women’s Day! This year we thought we’d delve in deeper to understand the meaning of the term ‘woman’ and all that it encompasses in order to establish what we are really celebrating.

What is a woman? Who is a woman, What makes someone a woman? How would you make that definition or distinction?

We can go the obvious route and say one is a woman because of genetics, having certain body parts. We could say a woman is someone who plays many different roles like that of daughter, wife, mother, teacher, friend, caregiver etc. We could say a woman is someone who creates life, one who protects her own, she goes above and beyond, she exceeds expectations, breaks glass ceilings. We could say these things and so much more. But these statements do not really capture the essence of what it means to identify as a woman.

Being a woman in today’s world is not easy, there are many things that get in the way. A woman is someone who deals with all that on a day to day basis and still shows up to fight.

Unfortunately we tend to women only for the roles they play, for who she is in relation to other people in her life. How about we just see her, for who she is, for all that she is.

Unfortunately we see women only for their ability to give life. While that is a beautiful, magical thing not every woman chooses that path, not everyone can. That is okay.

Unfortunately we live in a biased world. One with limitations, with societal expectations with a special emphasis placed on women. This is the reality of today.

To us, a woman is someone who perseveres. Despite all of this being thrown her way, she rises up once again. She is there to fight her battles, she keeps moving forward. She gives herself completely to the things that matter to her. She protects fiercely, she loves unconditionally. She goes to the ends of the earth for almost everyone but herself. She is strong, she is patient and does not really expect much in return. In fact she may never ask for anything in return.

To each one of you who considers themselves to be a woman, to you we say this-

 The things you deal with,
 the things you do,
 the battles you fight
 No one else can see them,
 no one else can understand them.
 We see them and we see you.
 Others may try to put you in boxes,
 but we know that they can only try.
 You are not defined by others,
 you define you.
 You are extraordinary,
 you are beautiful just as you are
 Your story is yours to write,
 be the author of your story.
 It is a story that is filled with ups and downs,
 of survival, grace and courage.
 We can’t wait to read it.
 A day is not enough to celebrate you
 You need more,
 you deserve more
 Thank you for being you,
 the world may not see it
 But we see it,
 we see you,
 and this is our ode to you. 

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