Did You Assume I’d Let Go Of You So Easily

I looked under my bed
There wasn't anything
So I told the girl beside me
who my mom doesn't see
that ghosts don't exist.

The little girl is Ana.
We first met when we shifted to this new home
4 days ago and she got a good hold of me and me of her.
She nodded her head when I said
"Ghosts don't exist"
and replied
"I haven't seen any in the last 5 years.."
as she magicked a knife from the rack
to go cut the vegetables in front of me.

Then, overtime understanding
warms the cold bond lost to time
first shared in a womb...

How can you not see me
when I'm always there in front of you?
How can you not feel me
when my heart belongs to you?
If you think I'd rather leave just because of what you did
Pray for my soul now,
'cause I won't set you free .

If you think I don't see you,
I can assure you I can feel.
If you think I don't feel you,
you're wrong-
I know you're real.
But all the 5 senses weren't enough,
I daresay.
I've been loving you with the 6th sense,
be that as it may.

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