DDAENG (BTS)- MDP Feat Clara Melody

The breeze of the soothing music,
pulls me right into its charm.
I find myself surrounded by the instruments,
that sings to captivate anyone around.
My heart melts listening to its tune,
while my body moving here and there still confused.
-Words Sparkle 20

While listening to it,
I felt a twitching feeling in my heart I cannot explain
and maybe that's the magical thing about music,
the mood, the melody
can take you back to a moments
like no one else can.
-Words of Carmela

This tale knit talks about how we often get swept up by music. 
How it takes you to different places through the tune, instruments, the way it makes you feel etc. Whether it is the emotions it touches or the way it awakens our senses, it is truly indescribable. The effect of music is unlike anything else where it can transport you to times of your life or moments like no one or nothing else can.

Does music speak to you in a similar way do lets us know in the comments.

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