An Ode To Her Love

By: Shivani Maniyar

Dedicated to her Mum

I believe angels do exists,
In the form of ray of sunshine that never fails to reach the seeds and growing plants.
In the form of stars who always shine behind the blurry clouds.
Always a queen without the crown.
An angel without the wings.
A single word describes it all -
A mother's world is limited to her family. But the world is a whole universe to her.
She carries magic, sparkle within her.
She resonates care and affection with every word she utters.
She weaves the verses into perfect lullabies, she sings for the priceless smiles.
She stands like a shield during her family's stormy days.
Her zeal is always ahead of the speed of light.
A mother with the perfect heart paints her loved ones' hearts with love and care.
She plants kisses of healment on wounds.
How can one be so selfless?
Can't deny with the statement said by a renowned person - 
"Being a mother is the most difficult profession."

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