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      Once Upon A Time In A Land Far Far Away

      Feel free to create the tale as you like but any entries which are inappropriate in terms of language, content or style which hurt the sentiments of any being or are of contain explicit sexual content will be deleted.

      Keep your contribution limited to 500 words. Maximum length of a tale is 3000 words.

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      Once upon a time in a land far far away there lived Sriramaswamy a tall slender anna who drove an auto during the day and sold dosas by the night. He’d be up each day at 5 each day to make a small prayer and hope for enough money from work to make ends meet for his family.

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      He’d ask mother earth to make sure that his family will remain well and thank her for all that she had endowed his life with, which to another person may not seem much, but to him, it was his world. Sri Anna, as he was called lovingly in town, was a genial fellow. He was an average cook and an average driver, and himself found both those activities, just about, average. Yet, people flocked to his dosa stall and jumped at a chance of sitting in his auto. It wasn’t the hole-laden dosas, or the bumpy ride that attracted them, it was his stories. Sri anna, was by far, the best storyteller this town had ever seen. He told the people, his customers and anyone willing to listen, tales of lands and people unknown. When he spoke, it was like a magic wand that waved alive a whole new universe. His customers, due to the range of emotion they felt when they heard these enthralling stories, often forgot about the bumps and the holes.

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      Today, a young gentleman sat in Sri Annas cab. He was a student who wanted to explore the ruins at the edge of town.

      ‘Those ruins were once a beautiful fort my dear friend,” Anna told him. “When I was young , me and my friends would go there and chat as the afternoon passed by. It has been a while since I went there now.”

      “Why don’t you tell me something about those ruins … it is a part of my project and a locals opinion would be very advantageous.”

      Sri Anna smiled, he had wonderful stories about the ruins, stories which his grandfather had passed to him. For you see, Sri Anna’s grandfather used to be a guard at the fort and he had been witness to all that was hidden behind those walls.

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