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P.D.A (Public Display Of Affection) Tales

Valentine’s day is the time for flowers, chocolates, Teddy bears and hearts everywhere.. St. Valentine is the guest of honour/
Knit A Tale had a unique way to capture what Valentine’s day was really all about, love. And more importantly romance!
For this we invited our community to PDA (Public Display of Affection)- Not like THAT! Since this is a ‘public’ forum and we were ‘displaying’ our stories we thought the title/pun seemed APPROPRIATE. So go ahead grab a bucket of ice cream, dim the lights, cosy up in a blanket and delve into these beautiful love stories.

  • Our Two Cents On Valentine’s Day
    Today is February 14th, so naturally, you must have heard all about love from Zomato, Swiggy, Amazon, Random Uncle/Aunty on the street, Zuckerberg Anna, and many more. So we decided to jump on the bandwagon too and here’s presenting Knit A Tale’s take on the same. Welcome to our TED talk on LOVE Love in …
  • PDA Series: Evermore
    Knit by: Samadrita Ghosh & Soham Dighe                                                “How can you not like Boyle? He’s like the cutest!” “Really?! Oh really? He’s stupid, Kalpana and…childish! Ugh! Jake always has to save his ass.” …
  • PDA Series: I’m in Love with the Shape of You
    By: Prose Potato It was the ketchup to my fries, the humble tomato, a round plump red ball of seeds and flesh that took my heart away, and most of them like us as a couple as well, apparently, we complement each other when consumed as a whole. But sadly, we were not meant to …
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